These lovely yellow buds on stalks are currently on almost every patch of undisturbed ground.


Black mustard, Modiin

When there are no buildings to disturb them, they’ve taken over. A bit. But they’re so cheerful it’s hard to object.


Because we’re rapidly approaching March, and I’ve been seeing “March” blooms — an approximate measure, of course — I took the dog slightly off course this morning to see what I’d find.

The answer? Great eyefuls of yellow. A perfect antidote to an overcast morning. Sadly, the hope of rain vanished along with the clouds; will this winter go down as a dry one?


Arabian cistus, Modiin 

February Flowers, part fifteen

On my run yesterday, I saw another new bloom. ‘Tis the season.


Holy thistle, Modiin

February Flowers, part fourteen

Yes, I was the crazy lady in running gear reaching through a fence to ruffle the petals of this flower to confirm that this is the first of the season (instead of the anemone, which is literally all over).

And here it is. Followed by, inexorably, spring, then summer. Sigh.


Poppy, Modiin

Just to remind you why I am getting all swoony.

The weather is perfection. I say this not to enrage my readers buried in snow, but just as appreciation for it. The summers here are dreadful, so I am living it up now – sitting on my stoop in the warm sun, traipsing about midday with a camera focused on the ground. I know it won’t last. (Like the flowers themselves.)

I’m gathering my rosebuds.


Dwarf chicory, Modiin

February Flowers, part twelve

This flower seems to me to have a delicate sensibility – as if it belongs in a hothouse. But no, they’re cropping up in the bright sunlight and doing just fine.


Greater bindweed, Wadi Anabe, Modiin

February Flowers, part eleven

This flower epitomizes the “February experience” for me. Dozens of them burst through the soil, seemingly overnight, in a place I walk through all the time — one of a few empty lots, very close by, where we “tiyul” with the dog.

This was a delightful way to start the morning.



Iranian stork’s bill, Modiin


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